SAMBYPEN (Sam Kim) is an artist based in appropriation. He parodies certain brands and culturally significant objects through his own interpretation in a way that him, as an individual can relate to. His work involves cutting pieces of wood, which is then painted over with acrylic paint and glued to a canvas. The canvas itself has an acrylic base which he carefully apply layer after layer. 

His most recent work involved the Michelin Bibendum character with a BIC head. The BIC head represents what he is addicted to - whether it be cigarettes or drawing, the BIC lighter and pen is something he uses daily. The Bibendum is his favorite character since childhood, as he was fat and could truly relate to it in our likeness. His introverted childhood wascharactized by loneliness, and subject to bullying and the pieces involving the Bibendum is a homage to himself - remembrance of the childhood. 

His interest in parody art and appropriation comes from a loss of self and identity. Having lived in both Poland - a country stemming from a political atmosphere of communism and New York - a place of advanced consumerism that thrives in the vices of the capitalist, he has experienced and embraced both atmospheres as an artist. In doing so, he has also lost a sense of origin and direction. It is during this phase of loss that he took upon parody art. It is during this moment of confusion that parody spoke to his heart. He can see himelf in the work he makes - an amalgam of different brands, cultures and identity.